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The 19th Munich Oktoberfest Golden Oldie Rugby Tournament
September 2018

To All Golden Oldies!

In 2018 the biggest sporting event is being held in Germany. Do you want to be able to tell your Grandchildren that you played in it?

Then book your team to take part in the 18th Oktoberfest Golden Oldie Rugby Tournament, staged by the MOB.

The Oktoberfest Tournament is open to all aged 35 and over.

With The World Sevens event (Oktoberfest Sevens) having been successfully held in Munich for the first time in 2017 and a contract to continue with this event thru 2019 (at least) we are trying to change this years OGO to create a festival of rugby in Munich.

This does mean that we are no longer completely independent and and we are currently waiting for the O'fest sevens organising team to get back to us with some details. Only when we have these can we publish tournament details. However, what is certain is that the tournament will go ahead on the 6th October as planned.

We currently have 7 teams showing serious interest but it is still not to late to sign up.

The tournament format depends on the number teams, number (and age) of players and is played according to Golden Oldies rules

Each team will play 2 or 3  forty minute games (tbd) at the end of which, everybody is declared a winner at the post tournament frolics which will include some free beer and something to eat to ensure everybody joins in the fun.

In parallel to our tournament Munich RFC are running their 7s event with separate tournaments for men and women that also attracts (amateur) teams from all over the world. We are hoping to play on the same ground this year. If your club is interested in sending a team to this event, please contact the organisers at: 

Following our tournament we are expecting to visit the World Sevens circuit Oktoberfest Sevens event:     https://www.oktoberfest7s.com/en/   in the Munich Olympic stadium to which we are currently trying to negotiate preferential rates.

On Sunday the 7th we are also hoping to get Oktoberfest tickets. Having changed the dates for this year to the final weekend of the Oktoberfest this year our block booking from previous years has lapsed and we cannot make a new booking until March. As you can imagine getting ca. 150 Oktoberfest seats is not easy so we will have to wait and see how this pans out.

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The 19th Golden Oldies Rugby Tournament will be held on Saturday 6th October.​​

Use our contact form to register your clubs interest to the MOB.

We only ask that you get in contact, if you like rugby? Beer? BBQ? And having a great time?

The 19th Munich Oktoberfest Golden Oldie Rugby Tournament
September 2018
The Oktoberfest Tournament is open to all aged 35 and over.
We welcome all touring sides and can help those of you unable to put together a full 15 side.
So please get in contact no matter how large of small your squad is!
This years tournament takes on a slightly different format from previous years so that you can get the best out of one of Europes biggest rugby events with the rugby being played on
Saturday 6th October

Each of the teams accepted will play 2 or 3 forty minute games.
At the end of which, everybody is declared a winner the fun and frolics start with games, BBQ and a well deserved beer(S).

We expect to be finished by about 3pm intime for those who wish to make the short walk to
On the following day (Sunday 7th October) we have a reservation* for 120 seats on the balcony at the Bräurösl tent at the Oktoberfest (available on a first come first served basis).
*A standard reservation at the Oktoberfest includes 2 beers (1L) and half a grilled chicken and costs ca. €40 per seat
Contact us for more information and to register your teams interest on contacts page or directly at 
 September 2017
O.G.O Over 35's Rugby
Interesting News
The IRB will hold the International Oktoberfestsevens event in the Munich Olympic stadium again in 2018 (5t & 6th of October)

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